The Republican Strategy – Constantly Complain About the “Liberal Media” to Keep Them Conservative

I just read this article about MSNBC dropping Olberman and Matthews as news anchors from live political events. The constant whine from the republicans for the last decade has been about the “liberal media”. The tactic has paid off handsomely I’d say.

The Populous:
Plays right along. Hit constantly with news articles and quickly changing ideas, the USA population tends to be easily fooled in the “Hey look at that!!!” game. They also tend to believe what they hear before researching it. Add to that a dose of poor education and you’ve got the recipe down. When the Republican propaganda machine yells “that newspaper is a left-wing think tank!”, it flies around inside the Republican echo-chamber (Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, and other misinformed right-wing media outlets) for a week or so and a large chunk of folks in the USA believe it. Amazing!  

The Media:
Plays right along. Now that the people have been turned against the media, the media quickly toes the line. “Oh I’m sorry! I sounded almost like I wanted universal health care there for a moment! Way too liberal!”

Why the f*** can’t mainstream editors grow some spine and fight back against the misinformation being fed into the system constantly. sure has a busy time fixing things and Jon Stewart on the Daily Show has loads of fodder to play with.

Seems to me the Karl Rove era is just coming into it’s prime. Too bad USA citizens are too blinded by hollywood and their own willful ignorance to see it.

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