Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. I was introduced to Origami in the 4th grade. Then a relative gave me an introductory Origami book and I was off. I later found an Origami book detailing pop-up cards and another was lent to me detailing unit Origami.

I enjoy all forms of origami but pop-up cards are my specialty. Check out some photos of a few of the more extravagant cards I have made on my Picasa Origami Page. A unique touch to my cards that the designs often lack is using creative covers for the strings which hold them together. The string passes through the card and must be covered in some fashion on the outside. Most designers call for just covering it with a full sheet of paper. I at first covered it with a small strip of paper. Later, I began to embellish the covers more and more; if you look at the picasa photo page, you’ll see the two that I consider the best I’ve done.

I rarely make these cards for fun. I like making them for special occasions. I use foil Origami paper and other iredescent papers to make the stylish backings. I also like using metallic gel-pens for the writing and very nice envelopes like vellum or home-made paper.

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