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I am a creative and competent mathematician currently doing Engineering & Analysis Development for Milsoft Utility Solutions in Abilene, Texas. I began work for Milsoft in July of 2009 just after defending my thesis, getting married, and moving to Abilene. I spent some time working on databases for training purposes and then quickly moved to development where I have been ever since. I spend most of my time doing maintenance on the existing and beta products but I also get to code enhancements from time to time.

I completed my MS in Environmental Systems at Humboldt State University in May 2009. Taking the Mathematical Modeling option, my thesis is a MatLab model of Humboldt County simulating power supply from solar, wind, wave, and biomass resources meeting 100% of power demand.

While completing my coursework, I taught lower division math courses (pre-calculus and intermediate algebra) for 2.5 years and served as the Math Department Webmaster. Having a BS in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz has given me an edge in the math modeling program since I am already familiar with programming methodology. I am a good programmer and have always had a knack for debugging and improving code. I learned to code in C and Java at UCSC and effectively spent four years studying MatLab. Other scripting and markup languages I have varying levels of experience with are SQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, LaTeX. This wide-spread understanding of programming allows me to easily understand new languages and quickly join discussions on code fragments.

Like most engineers, I have numerous hobbies including playing trombone in several music groups, playing guitar, djembe, and piano in free moments, building origami pop-up cards, mountain biking, disc golf, etc. (See if any of them are similar to yours here!).

Thanks for stopping by,

Darrell Ross

Resume – August 2012 (PDF – 96KB)

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