My Ambassadors

When I worked for a time as a dish washer at the Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz, we would have these meetings where all employees would talk. During the meetings, if one employee said something that explained your feelings, instead of repeating what they said, you could say “Eric is my ambassador.”

I spend a great deal of time reading news blogs and while many of them are lacking in insight and detail, there are some gems that are so well written (or at least are to me anyway). I felt that over time, my writing on this blog would improve and I feel it has somewhat but linking other articles together and stringing together insightful information seems to be out of my reach for now.

When I find these articles, I want to show them to others but mostly I just want to save copies of them so that I can refer to them later.  So I’m creating a category called “Ambassadors” where I can kind of save a links to articles and posts that I really like.

To start it off, here’s an article I was reading and felt was a great critique. It wasn’t until near the end of the post that I noticed it was from a non-US source, “Away from her friends on Fox, Palin folds like a cheap suit” by Kevin Cullen:

And a “Commentary: Why Ayers case is risky for McCain-Palin” by Roland Martin:

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