Palin is Press-shy

So Sarah Palin is press-shy. That is, she turns down all interviews. She stays very close to McCain at all times and has been canceling some appearances as well.

What are the possible reasons for turning down press interviews? Well the one that speaks to me is she is unprepared. She is inexperienced running on a national ticket and the Republicans don’t want her to shoot herself in the foot so they’ve got her going through some intense training.

I wonder if they will train her to use talking points during debates and not to answer the questions.

I’m sure there are other possibilities… it’s just a string of bad times for interviews maybe? Or perhaps she doesn’t feel the interviewers would ask fair questions?

Nah… I prefer to believe that she is just a govenor from a state with a population the size of San Diego, CA and her inexperience shows.

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