Hillary Clinton Sore Losers

I am blown away by the folks that host the http://www.JustSayNoDeal.com website. They claim to be a group of “disenfranchised democrats” who are upset at Barack Obama’s nomination by the DNC and have grouped together. Some of them plan to write-in “Hillary Clinton”. Others plan to be as loud as possible about how they are no longer Democrats and cannot vote for Obama.

The first thing that comes to mind is the chasm of differences on issues between the Hillary Clinton and John McCain and the similar views Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton share. Hillary stated herself several times that she and Obama agreed on around 95% of the issues. So those folks who seem to be unifying under the name P.U.M.A. or “Party Unity My Ass!” can’t possibly be not voting for Obama based on issues.

Perhaps, as described by some P.U.M.A. members, they are against Obama because he won the DNC nomination unfairly. Some have said they will vote for McCain “for the good of the Democratic party.” If these P.U.M.A. folks actually believe in their issues, then they are voting against them simply because they are bitter. I have watched my share of media coverage of these folks and they are clearly sore about their candidate not winning.

Perhaps somewhat ironic is the choice of a website with “just say no” in the title. As many are likely aware, the “Just Say No” campaign by Nancy Regan to help kids not do drugs was terribly ineffective.

Whatever their reasons, they have certainly made the reporters at Fox News dance with glee. I like watching how the reporter dances around the word “bitter” or the phrase “sore loser” while verifying that these Hillary supporters will be helping the republican party into office. YouTubeVideo


It is quite clear we need a Democrat in the White House. I don’t care who it is as long as it’s not McCain. Hillary, Obama, Gore, a Democrat. This election is about Americans taking back the country, not about electing the class president. The petty choosing of Sarah Palin as VP on the RNC ticket is a shameless gesture to women who were put out by Hillary’s loss. I hope they don’t fall prey to such false political maneuvering.

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