Quit Speaking in Absolutes!

It seems to be a common theme everywhere I go whether it is in guild chat during World of Warcraft questing, on blogs, in newspapers, and especially in comments on any web site – speaking in absolutes. An article professing any type of left-leaning tendencies will be followed first by right-leaning folks bashing the left and later by left-leaning folks returning the favor. An article that professes a love for life but then mentions abortion will undoubtedly end up with a band and forth pro-life vs pro-choice yelling match in the comments. I say yelling match because it will not be a debate. People apparently don’t care to actually think about things these days. Everywhere I go, it’s absolutes.

Obama or NObama. I find it fascinating that the folks who have made up their minds often feel that swing-states must be full of non-thinkers. Perhaps we are wrong (yes I have thought that from time to time) and that the people in swing-states are actually thinking so much about each candidate and in so many shades of gray, that they are not stuck in the black and white absolutes that much of the country is in. Or maybe they can’t make up their minds because they are not paying attention to what matters, the issues, but instead to who they “like” best. The “star power” of each candidate perhaps.

Either way, I am sick and tired of people refusing to admit that their position might just be unjustified or falsely held. Why not actually debate something for a change? Why not actually entertain the idea that you could be wrong?

I believe that speaking in absolutes can only lead to one place, stalemate where nobody listens. Compromise is a necessity. Get used to it!

“Only a Sith Lord speaks in Absolutes.”
— Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker

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