McCain – Palin

McCain’s campaign manager even admitted that all McCain has to rely on is attacks, saying that for them, “This election is not about issues.”

I tried to watch Sarah Palin’s speech. After 10 minutes of McCain worship and not a single mention of issues, I had to turn it off and get back to work. The neo-conservative party appears to still reign supreme within the greater republican party. They are not kept afloat by having only the wealthy people vote for them. They also get all the shallow non-thinkers in our country. I have some relatives that get their news from Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura. I shudder to think how twisted their political ideals are.

I want to see a Biden – Palin debate. I really hope it happens and is covered fairly by a good news station. Why is the media failing so completely? Why do they not point out the petty sand-box politics offered by the neo-cons? It pains me to see so much disreguard for quality journalism. Fox News is a pathetic spreader of falsehoods. They have gathered a following of willfully ignorant people who rely on the blame-game rather than serious debate.

It is no wonder that young educated people go overwhelmingly democratic, green, liberal, or independent. Anyone that can get a “C” grade in a critical thinking course can see through most of the right’s silly arguments. They then look to other, trustworthy news sources and learn to not believe everything they hear or see on TV. I look forward to the days 20 years from now when the older voting population is full of educated people who gather their news from multiple sources instead of relying on single ones.


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