Energy Research

I have been searching for graduate programs that will allow me, in some capacity, to pursue a PhD while performing energy research. My BS in Computer Engineering followed by the MS in Math that I should complete shortly here at HSU make me qualified for some interesting modeling. I just need to find the program that is right for me.

I have always been interested in appropriate technology starting with my work for Real Goods Trading Corp when I was still in High School. I’ve installed a small off-grid pv-system pretty much solo.

My MS Thesis at HSU involves a mathematical model running in MATLAB of Humboldt County power supply and demand fluctuating over time. Supply sources are Wind, Solar, Biomass, and Wave using regional data and assuptions are made about efficiency of extraction based on current available data for wind, solar, and biomass and based on predictions about wave. I am taking into account probably more variables than I should for a MS degree but it’s so fun and easy to get carried away.

More on my thesis later.

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