MS in Environmental Systems with Math Modeling option

When I completed my MS Thesis at Humboldt State University (HSU), I was quite busy. The weekend of May 16th, I played Trombone with the band I managed, the Humboldt Firkin Tappers, at the Legendary Boonville Beer Festival. Two weeks later, Sharyn and I got married at the 3-day wedding we had spent a year and half planning (it went very well). A week after the wedding, I defended my thesis while we worked on packing up the house. Two weeks later, we moved to Texas! Needless to say, I was mildly distracted. Updating my blog with an official post about my completed thesis was not really at the front of my thoughts.


A Distributed Renewable Energy System Meeting 100% of Electricity Demand in Humboldt County: A Feasibility Study.

A model of electricity supply and demand in Humboldt County, California over the course of one year is presented. Wind, ocean–wave, solar, and biomass electricity generation are simulated using available hourly data and efficiencies of extraction for each. Hourly electricity demand is simulated using US Census 2000 data and county load data. A simulated two-dimensional geospatial map of Humboldt County power distribution is updated each hour of the simulation as demand and supplies fluctuate over one year. Given zero input from fossil fuel power generation sources, the model will show that without sufficient transmission to import power in times of deficit, the intermittent nature of each renewable power source cannot be compensated for even when all are harvested simultaneously. The model goes on to show that with reasonable renewable power plant sizes and as transmission capacity increases, Humboldt County could not only meet 100\% of electricity demand year round, but could become a net electricity exporter.
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