Conservationists vs Photovoltaics

Only in California right? I have only been living in Texas for six months but I can already feel the high-brow Californian-irritation. hehe.

Seems that conservationists have slammed the door shut on solar power in the Mojave Desert:

What ever happened to cooperation? Why not work with the power companies to ensure they install the panels in a responsible manner? I mean, heck, they’re installing solar! They are installing large-scale commercial-grade solar power plants! This seems like a no-brainer for me.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has spent several years working on a ocean-wave power testing facility on the Northern California coast. They have worked with the Surfrider Foundation, local fishermen, divers, swimmers, and the local ocean and shore conservationists. After a lot of careful consideration and studies, they are (as far as I know) moving forward with the project.

Come on you desert conservationists! We are on the same team! The power companies want to install renewable energy power sources and you want to save some desert fauna. So work with them. Doesn’t solar accomplish this somehow? I know some desert life is in need of shelter. Add stipulations that require installing shelters and ways for the desert life to be excluded from the power plants or enter and leave them safely if necessary.

Sad days when we bicker amongst ourselves. Come on people!

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