Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize – Awesome!

I’ve enjoyed reading various posts for and against the award – the pro-award and anti-award camps.

One thing this award has done is to cast in stark relief those that do not understand the moment.

We have the two extremes:
– the pro-award crowd who think it’s great but don’t really think about why.
– the anti-award crowd who think it’s a farce but fail to produce any arguments that would garner higher than a C grade in 9th grade English.

Then we have the two middle groups:
– the anti-award crowd who have valid arguments. Sometimes they still stoop to insult tossing.
– the pro-award crowd that have valid arguments. Sometimes they still stoop to glassy-eyed dreaminess.

I fall into the last category and attempt to remain steadfast (i.e. still thinking without the glassy-eyed bit). This is a fantastic development. Obama has worked hard to bring hundreds of thousands of new people into politics who before couldn’t have cared less – they didn’t vote at all. A voting populace is not necessarily and informed populace but it’s a start.

The US is one of (if not THE) most power nation in the world and we set precedents left and right. The fact that a majority our populace had stopped participating in the leadership of the country went mostly unnoticed (because they weren’t participating… lol) until the leadership began warmongering, ignoring fact, ignoring science, and ignoring world peace protests. Suddenly the populace seemed to wake up. Unfortunately, they lacked a cohesive force. Obama is that glue that allowed Americans to hold hands once more.

He uses logical arguments. He uses technology instead of fearing it. He talks to everyone. He uses Youtube instead of the radio. Talk about getting with the times! When criticized, he explains his thinking instead of cowardly reversing his opinion. It is amazing to me that we have a President with the will to do what needs to get done and the courage to back up his viewpoints with pointed arguments. It’s fantastic!

And the Peace Prize folks seem to understand this as well. Obama has gone to great lengths to encourage the US government to talk with its enemies. His use of diplomacy instead of just threatening everyone is so beyond high-school that part of me thinks the country might be starting to grow up.

Now, I would be willing to agree that it may be a little premature but – think of the encouragement it gives the Obama Presidency! It is incredibly difficult to push on against tons of people trying to pull you down. This prize is like a beam of light from on high shining on Obama and encouraging him to push onward.

May the willfully ignorant discover their close-minded ways and weep.

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