Long Time No Post

Well I’ve been a bit distracted. The shiny fresh blog I created feels neglected now much like most of my websites I build for myself. At least this one still feels shiny.

After over a year working full-time for Humboldt Internet, I am changing to part-time starting next week. I am excited to have the extra time to devote to my thesis and at the same time apprehensive about the loss of nearly 1/2 of my monthly income.

In the past month, I have focused on acquiring data to use for my thesis. For solar data in Humboldt County, I chose to use the hourly data gathered by the HSU Renewable Energy Student Union (RESU) Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS). The data is available on their site here.

One RESU member mentioned that I could acquire possible useful hourly wind and wave data from NOAA so I’ve been spending a week working on that. If I can make NOAA wind and wave hourly data applicable and useful, especially in time with the SoRMS data, then I will have the three intermittent power sources for my thesis running off of real data instead of theoretical data. This would help immensely since it is a “Feasibility Study” after all.

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