Car Blues

So Sharyn’s Jeep stopped working last week. I finished purchasing the Honda last Friday and we drove to my Dad’s that Saturday. We took the Isuzu there since it was getting old (91 Isuzu Rodeo with 250k miles). We left the Isuzu.

On the way back, the Honda died a little over 100 miles from Home. I got the car worked on today. Turns out the Distributer cap had some issues and was arching — so it burned itself out. 

So a current cost breakdown of the car:
     – $2500  – car
     – $60 – smog
     – $10 – gas cap (because it wouldn’t pass the smog)
     – $40 – car-dolly rental
     – $60 – gas to power borrowed truck to tow car back
     – $282 – parts and labor to replace distributor cap and a bunch of other parts
     – $2952 total – and I still have to register it, pay taxes on it to the state, and get some insurrance.


Did you miss the irony in the above story – where we had dropped off the fully functional if a bit old Isuzu at my Dad’s and ended up getting home with two broken cars?

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