14 Oct 2008 @ 11:13 AM 

Every year when hollidays roll around, I consider making and keeping a list of items I plan on buying but haven’t bought yet just so anyone thinking of getting me a gift can get me something they know I’d love. Perhaps I could do something like that on this blog somehow.

Things I have been drooling over on eBay and other sites are:

 – Oscilloscope – I have all these fun engineering projects and it’s really tough (nigh impossible) to complete some of them without the use of an oscilloscope. Sometimes I can get lab access time but I really want one of my own. Even a 20MHz model would be helpful at this point. I just spent 20 minutes looking at a 100MHz Tektronix model that retails for around $500. They sure have come down in price. There are some really old looking ons on eBay for less than $100 but I don’t want to end up buying a $100 paper weight.

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