A Small Off-grid PV System

by Darrell Ross






Update: 2007

AC Wiring
The AC wiring side of the inverter was going to be done by electrician Brian Wyatt a little later. He would install a small breaker box, a wall socket, and all the conduit and lighting in the barn up to code. But we really wanted to see the system working so my Dad picked up some electric supplies from the storage shed and I wired a piece of romex from the AC side of the inverter to a temporary socket mounted on the wall. We plugged in a touble-light and turned it all on.

Following are some of the sharper images of the system in operation. My Dad and his partner will never have to use a flashlight at the barn again and, if they really need it, they will have a small supply of power for radios or other needs should the grid go down for a time. One of the keys is supplying light if any emergency happens with the pets.

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