A Small Off-grid PV System

by Darrell Ross






Update: 2007

The main goal of this project was learning and I learned a hell of a lot. For one, it will be far easier to install my next system. I will have a much better idea of time involved, labor required, little tiny parts that are often left out of part lists, tools I might need that I wouldn't think of normally.

And now it's time for that list of shoulda coulda woulda's.

(1) I would have used the part of my engineering degree where they taught us how to organize our notes by date with a title at the top of each page. Writing this report was hell because my notes were all over the place and a lot of them were just up in my head and fading fast.

(2) I would have taken more photos and made sure to keep my hands still so the friggin' photos wouldn't have been so dang blurry.

Add Ons
There are a few items that will be added on a little later. I have already mentioned the lighting system that Brian Wyatt is installing. The front of the barn will have a double light and motion sensing flood light and there will be 6 more lights set to two separate switches in the barn. Also, instead of building a battery box, my Dad is constructing a frame and some plexi-glass sliding doors to cover the entire electric system area. All the lighting wiring will be run through weather proof conduit and the switches will be weather proof as well.

I will add reports about these mini-projects as they are completed.

I have already had a few conversations about how much nicer it is to feed the horses with a bright light than with a small flashlight held between the teeth. After the full system is up, all the storage in the barn will be much easier to access as well.

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