The Castle of the Dark Crystal

In a faraway world a mighty astronomical event is about to occur, the Great Conjunction of the planet's Three Suns. At this time, the cruel Skeksis who rule this world from the castle of the Dark Crystal are frightened to learn that an ancient prophecy may be coming true: A survivor of the Gelfling, an elfin race they thought they had destroyed, is seeking to restore the missing shard of the Dark Crystal before the moment of the Great Conjunction, thus ending the tyranny of the Skeksis. Hidden in the valley of the urRu, young Jen the Gelfling has been raised by a tribe of mystics and knows little of the world outside, but know his Master's dying words have charged him with his mission to find the lost shard before it is too late. Traveling through many strange places and encountering many extraordinary beings, Jen races against time to unravel the mystery of his quest and save his world from the forces of evil.

-an exerpt on the movie, by A.C.H Smith

Jen was raised by the urRu (right) in the valley of the Mystics. Before the Great Conjunction, Jen's master, one of the urRu, dies. But right before he dies, Jen's master tells Jen of the prophecy (mentioned above) and then gives Jen directions to Aughra's before dissapearing into thin air.

Meanwhile, in the Castle of the Dark Crystal, Jens' Master's counterpart, the emporer of the Skeksis, dies and there is a scramble for the throne. One Skeksis loses and is exiled while another becomes emporor and quickly sends the Garthim out to look for Jen.

Jen finds himself in a strange world (right) with creatures he's never seen or even heard of before. He finds Aughra, or rather, Aughra finds him and takes him with her back to her observatory where she gives him the shard to heal the Dark Crystal with. It is now that the Garthim find Jen and unfortunately, destroy Aughra's observatory in their attempts to capture him.

Jen follows Fizzgig a little when he sees Fizzgig run by. This is how he meets Kira (below). Kira and Jen are both from the Gelfling race and also the only two left in their world. When Jen holds Kira's hand, they share memories (left). Jen sees how Kira grew up.

Jen rides in a boat with Kira (left) and then goes to her home with the Podlings. Unfortunately, the Garthim find him again and Kira and Jen narrowly escape. Unfortunately, the Garthim take many Podlings hostage and head back to the Castle of the Dark Crystal.

When they run, Kira and Jen find themselves in an old Gelfling ruin where Jen uses his knowledge of writing to read the prophecy (above [background]) so that Jen and Kira also know of the prophecy.

Kira calls some creatures called Land Striders and Jen and her ride on their backs (top right) to the Castle of the Dark Crystal. Upon reaching the castle, Jen and Kira see the Garthim just returning with the podlings they captured and urge their Land Striders to help out. They successfully free the Podlings but the Land Striders die.

Kira and Jen are then cornered by the Garthim. The only route of escape is off of the cliff. Kira sweeps Jen into her arms and jumps openning her (until then concealed) wings at the same time. (right)

Meanwhile, in the Castle of the Dark Crystal, the great conjunction draws near and the Skeksis gather around the Dark Crystal to gather strength (left) for if the great conjunction happens and the Dark Crystal is not healed, then the Skeksis will live and rule forever.

Kira and Jen find a secret entrance to the Castle of the Dark Crystal and in the very last scene, Jen straddles the crystal right before the Great Conjunction. He then heals the crystal after losing his good firne Kira.

The Skeksis and the urRu join back together when the Dark Crystal is healed and they reform the urSkeks which say... (see link below)

We Leave You The Crystal of Truth...

Note: I know this site isn't very accurate due to loss of plot lines, but I don't have time to fix that now....