Garthim, Crystal Bats, Land Striders
and more...

There are many other creatures used in the Dark Crystal. After all, they had to create an entire world. Some of the more mainstream creatures were:

Land Striders(pictured above): these creatures are played by people walking on four stilts (one on each leg and one in each hand) and can move quite quickly through the lands of the Dark Crystal. The Land Striders are friendly and willingly help Kira and Jen when they need a ride to Castle of the Dark Crystal.

Garthim: I have mentioned the Garthim several times but I don't have a picture of them. The Garthim are evil servants of the Skeksis. Bigger than Skeksis, the Garthim look like giant black Crabs with their giant claws. The eyes of the Garthim glow making them more freaky.

Crystal Bats: Another servant of the Skeksis, the Crystal Bats somehow allow the Skeksis to see whatever the bats are seeing. At one point, the Skeksis send out hundreds of these bats to search for Jen and Kira.