This page was actually created for three reasons. The first was as a project for the Honors Biology class at Anderson Valley High School. The second, which was decided later, was as a submission to the STARtech competition in Mendocino County. The third one was to enrich the minds of the creators by helping them learn about computer programming and scripting and biology.

Here are the people who made this page:

From left to right: Jim Pugh, Darrell Ross, Cameron McFadden

Jim Pugh:
Grade: 11th
Responsibilities on this Project: Creating the Java Applets and some graphic design
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Darrell Ross:
Grade: 12th
Responsibilities on this Project: Web page design and graphic design
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Cameron McFadden
Grade: 11th
Responsibilities on this Project: Graphic design and some web page design
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Annotated Bibliography:

1. Mader, Silvia S.     Biology. Wm. C. Brown Publishers.   1993.

        This book basically provided us with all the information on Recombinant DNA.

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