I play numerous instruments. My primary instrument since age 12 has been the Trombone. I only have one personal horn – a small bore Olds that is quite old but trusty (a bit rusty too). I play Trombone in the HSU Marching Lumberjacks, the World Famous Crab Grass Band, and several once-a-year groups like the Humboldt Firkin Tappers which plays at the annual Boonville Beer Festival in Boonville, California, the Royal Kinetic Madness Band which plays for the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race from Arcata to Ferndale. I do not practice enough to play 1st Trombone although I can play it handily when I do practice regularly. I have good tone; my sight-reading could use a little brushing-up though.

I also play and own – three guitars, a djembe, a dumbek, a 5-hole flute in the key of F, harmonica, and two nice wood recorders (alto and soprano). I have taken basic lessons for belly-dance drumming on the dumbek (beladi, etc.) and not all in a row, but about the equivalent to a full year of african drumming on the djembe. I have good rhythmic integrity and when I practice and get my arm strength up, love accompanying dancers.

I took two years of piano lessons when I was young and have returned to take beginning piano a couple times. I have taken a few voice classes over the years as well and sing a decent baritone when I practice. My piano skills are pretty poor but I can read music and learn a song if I want to. Improvising however comes easily.

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