13 Feb 2014 @ 5:05 PM 

We moved from Abilene, Texas to Seattle, Washington back in April 2013. I am fond of saying “we escaped to Seattle” as my affection for Texas is quite low. Seattle, by comparison, is amazing. I have found every possible group to satisfy my million hobbies.


  • I joined the Washington Scottish Pipe Band in August 2013, a Grade III Pipe Band. The pipe major, Jim Guthrie, is quite particular about rudiments. I have relearned every song I already knew and been practicing my embellishments daily for 6+ months and I am still not good enough to march with the band (my own opinion). I think I will be ready soon and I am very happy with how far my skill has come.



  • There is a park across the street and down a couple houses from our townhouse. In May 2013 I began assisting the Friends of Licton Springs once a month in maintaining the wetlands at the park by clearing invasive species, planting plants, cleaning up garbage, etc.
  • I began assisting the Ingraham Robotics Club in September, 2013 for their first year doing an FTC team (FTC 7462). We did great. We built this fantastic robot and made it to rank 7 of 32 teams at the State Championships.
  • I became the IEEE Power & Energy Society Seattle Chapter Webmaster in December 2013. We also added a Facebook Page too.
  • Seeking out more robotics groups, I found Swerve Robotics located in Woodinville and offered to help with their website in January, 2014. Swerve has been awesome  and I have begun writing a plugin for their website in an attempt to reduce maintenance overhead. Swerve is incredibly organized, using Podio for project management. Podio has an awesome API for retrieving information remotely. Swerve’s website is based on Drupal so I am writing a Drupal plugin which should allow us to automatically convert Podio App entries into Drupal nodes. According to the lead mentors at Swerve, this will allow us to teach the students process. We create a App Content Item on on Podio and assign and author. The author writes the content and assigns a reviewer. The reviewer reads and updates the content and then approves or denies the publish of it. When published, Podio sends a Webhook call to the Drupal website and Drupal will request the Podio App Content object data and update the Drupal node (in theory).


There are an insane amount of activities to do in the greater Seattle area. We have easily done more in Seattle in 10 months than we did in Texas in 4 years.


With all my work helping other groups with their websites, I am finally thinking of making my website more functional. I may rip the whole WordPress part of it down and put up something far simpler… and I may not. Yay for my first post in forever.


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 18 Jun 2010 @ 9:38 PM 

I finally updated WordPress for my website. What did it was helping out my family put up a quick WordPress site for donations. I hopped on the fresh WP install and prepared myself for a lengthy plugin install process… and was blown away by the new search/add/activate interface. I must note that I haven’t updated in years.

Awesome. I recently added a video comment plugin to my site. If you have a webcam (I know MacBooks work hehe), you can now leave me video comments. Really not sure if anyone will use it more than just novelty at first… but there you have it. Also added a plugin which pops up those links to my social networking sites in the upper right corner.

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 28 Jun 2009 @ 12:50 PM 

I have not posted on here in some time. My previous post where I say that I am super busy was quite accurate. A lot has transpired since then.

(1) To my own astonishment, I completed my Masters Thesis. I defended, completed the paper, and have recently submitted both the PDF version and printed version to the HSU Graduate Studies Office. I decided to get 7 (seven) bound copies of the thesis. Since figures in my thesis are not possible to fully understand without color and there are a lot of figures, the entire thesis (all 107 pages) needed to be printed in color. As it turns out, 749 pages printed single-sided on acid-free (100% cotton) paper is not cheap. It came to the tune of $700. Instead of paying someone to do this, I bought a $900 color laser printer that was on sale for $250. The toner that came with the printer covered all seven drafts and now we have a super nice color laser printer to boot!

(2) Sharyn and I got married at the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands. Many who read this were in attendance. The wedding surpassed most of our expectations succeeding in being our dream wedding. There were a few rough patches but overall an incredibly memorable event. I know that we got more time than most newly-weds to say hello and spend time with their guests but it was not enough time. I think a week might have covered it. I am still in the process of uploading the hundreds of photos we got. I am so happy with Sharyn and us together and the wedding and everything to the point where I keep waiting for my “bad luck” to come around. I hope it never does. 🙂

(3) Eight days after we returned home from the wedding, we picked up the U-Haul and stuffed it full of our belongings. We completed our move-out and began the long trek to Texas. We stopped at some favorite spots along the way — Ruth McGowans Pub for a final burger and beer; Grover Beach to visit some of Clan Ross; Sun City and San Diego to visit some of the Radke’s, Werdeman’s, and more; then on to Phoenix to visit Ruth, Dave, and Makayla. Laurie kept us company on the drive from Humboldt to LA and then Ron helped us tremendously by driving the U-Haul while Sharyn and I switched off on the Jeep out to Abilene. We are all moved in here. I start work in three days.

Texas-isms #1 – In Texas, in order to register your vehicle, it must pass the “State Inspection” similar to the “Smog Check” in California. The difference is that Texas does not look at emissions of the vehicle. Texas wants to make sure your wiper blades work, your headlights work, your blinkers work (by the way if one of the lenses is cracked, it must be replaced).

Texas-isms #2 – Capris – that apparel somewhere in between shorts and pants – are called Crops. No wonder the sales assistant was confused!


On another note, this site will likely be overhauled sometime soon-ish. Well maybe not so soon. But WordPress is a bit old and Joomla is my new favorite. Soon… ish.

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