13 Sep 2008 @ 12:43 PM 

Well I just finished my first two-hour long class from the Pacific Energy Center. I took a class title “Solar Basic for Residential Customers” and taught by Pete Shoemaker. This was my first time doing an over-the-internet class. I listened to audio on my cell phone and chatted and watched the slides via the web on my computer.

It allowed me to chat with some of the other web-based people and I ended up coming away with a few e-mail addresses. Some useful links I acquired while in the class:

A map of solar activity around San Francisco: http://sf.solarmap.org/
A site connecting consumers to renewable energy professionals: http://findsolar.com/
Enphase Energy – Micro-inverters: http://www.enphaseenergy.com/

When Pete installed his home solar system, he got together with neighbors and they saved money by bulk-buying their system components. I am hoping to do some energy designs for relatives (hint hint family!).

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